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: Cedar Venetians

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Natural Timber:
Ecoshade wooden venetian blinds are made from one of the world’s most highly prized softwoods, Western Red Cedar, a naturally fragrant timber known for its versatility and colour. The low density of Western Red Cedar makes it relatively lightweight compared to other timbers and polymer based products. This, combined with its inherent pore structure, gives it excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
Cedar venetian blinds combine optimum versatility and total light control with the appeal of natural timber, hence their perennial popularity as a contemporary window dressing.

Environmentally Friendly:
Ecoshade cedar is produced from controlled and replenished forests.

UV Resistant Coating:
The ecoshade 46mm wide cedar slat is finished with a minimum two coat ultra violet resistant surface. The first coat seals the timber and provides a UV resistant block. The second creates a hard wearing surface. This dual coating keeps the slat surface smooth for easy wiping and resistance to drying out that equals oiled products.


A 50mm x 58mm powder coated metal track headrail forms the foundation and strength of ecoshade cedar blinds. All components inside the headrail employ high quality, hardwearing, corrosion resistant materials.

All ecoshade blinds are covered by a three year workmanship and materials warranty.

Regular dusting with a fluffy or static duster is the key to maintaining the overall appearance of your blinds. Do not put a wet sponge directly on to a dusty slat as it will simply smear the dust and dry that way!
If blinds do need more extensive cleaning use a dry cloth initially to remove as much dust as possible off each slat. Then use a slightly damp (not dripping wet) cloth with mild soapy lukewarm water. Never use harsh detergents and cleaners as they break down the UV resistant coating.